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Diane Mayer Christiansen, author of the nonfiction book PLANET A,  graduated with a Biology degree despite her struggles with dyslexia. She worked at both the University of Chicago and Northwestern University doing genetic research. Christiansen is now a published author writing about her journey with her son Jackie, and his Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is a motivational speaker, talking to parents and teachers about learning to celebrate those things that make our children different as well as her journey with ASD.   Jackie Christiansen is also a publish author and speaks openly about his struggles.

Diane Mayer Christiansen

Planet A

Autism/motivational Speaking

Planet A: a Mother's Memoir of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Respect Each Difference, a campaign of kindness for your school.

Video of Senior/Teacher Chat 2015.


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"Parents, especially those of special-needs children, will sympathize with Christiansen’s fight for the acceptance of her child’s—and by extension all children’s—differences."

Follow the journey of mother and son as they navigate the twists and turns of autism spectrum disorder. This memoir, spanning the years from diagnosis through middle school, gives the reader an inside view of high functioning ASD, the view that many teachers, family and friends may never see. Planet A is a book of stories, stories that show the struggles and celebrations of autism. Its pages are designed to give the typical world a window into our planet and to let those already living on planet autism know that they are not alone.​​​​​​

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Planet A Author Interview.