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A post-apocalyptic adventure split between two character perspectives, the plots here move forward quickly and in parallel, as a couple separated following a 50-year frozen sleep by which they escaped the destruction seeks to survive and perhaps reunite. 

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Much care is put into the characters than many books of its ilk. The disconnect between the two protagonists--one still carries a flame, one still carries regret--is compelling, and the emotional anguish of characters in a sinister and traumatizing position is realized effectively.

Meet The Survivors


Look, I've had to keep a lot of secrets in my life and I know I don't fit into any sterotype. In fact, I hate being judged. But screw it, like me or don't like me, I really don't care. Either way I'm not taking anyone's shit, especally out in the wild. It's survival of the fitest and I'm making damn sure I survive. 


When the sky erupted with fire, my only thought was of Wren. Relief washed over me when I saw that she had made it safely to the cryobank. I know when this is over, when we all awake to a new world, she will be shattered. I will find her. I'll find her and tell her all of the things I should have said before our lives turned to ashes. Once I have her back in my arms, we'll start a new life together, a life for both of us not just the selfish life I expected of her. Sometimes I can be a real ass.


When the end of the world came, I wasn't ready for it...who would be? I'm terrified of what the future holds, of who I am now, without Aiden. But I'm stronger than I know and even in the face of the unknown, I will somehow become the bad-ass that I see in Briar. 


Everyone has secrets in this place, even me. I can see Wren watching me and honestly I'm not sure she knows how sexy she is. I can't go there, not out here in the wild, not like this. But I feel myself thinking about what a life would be like with her. It's stupid and I know she's got a guy out there...if he made it. Plus, I've got a job to do. Getting all of us out of this hell hole is going to take more than muscle. It's going to take a lot more.


It hasn't even been twenty-four hours and I'm sick of my squad already. They think they know everything especally that Briar girl. She's a real case and she's crazy if she thinks she's going to boss me around. Survival of the fitest is right and screw them all. I'm going to do whatever I have to to get the hell out of this place. 


I'm scared, terrified really and so so sad. I can't believe that I'll never see my family again, my sister, my parents. It happened too fast and now I'm all alone. Briar's nice and she will help me but I don't know if I can even take one step out of this compound. I've never done anything special. I've never stood out from the crowd. But I know that my parents would want me to be brave, so I'll try. 

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