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Planet A
Award winning memoir of
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Follow author Diane Mayer Christiansen, and her son Jackie, as they navigate the twists and turns of autism spectrum disorder. 


"Parents, especially those of special-needs children, will sympathize with Christiansen’s fight for the acceptance of her child’s—and by extension all children’s—differences."


Samantha Schmealy is no one special, really. In her thirteen years she has lived a quiet life with her parents on her family farm. Nothing out the ordinary has ever happened to her, not unless you count the strange goings on at the neighbors house a mile away. She has friends and likes school and likes summer vacation even better. Yes, everything is quite normal for Sam.that is until her parents find out about her very unusual secret, her ability to transform, or switch, into a sleek black cat. There is only one thing to be done. Sam must be sent away for "readjustment." Follow her journey through fear and anger to discovery and self acceptance as Sam and her new friends unravel the secrets of St. Levitius. You might even discover that being different is just fact it's amazing!

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Snub Club draws the reader in from the very first page and holds their attention with the often humorous but important theme that says being different is not a bad thing after all. We go on an adventurous journey with Jackie and his close friend Cameron as they attempt to navigate through their first year of Middle School. However, when you drop in a bit of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) along with ADHD plus one tough and ornery bully things become close to impossible! Then out of nowhere, the teachers begin morphing into something other than educators and things really begin getting weird. Snub Club allows the reader to completely and safely escape into a fantasy world while going on an exciting adventure. The reader will be introduced to bullies and different ways to deal with them. As if all of this wasn’t already enough our heroes Jackie and Cameron suddenly find themselves on the case of trying to discover what has happened to their nice, calm teachers and how they must fix it ASAP. Along the way the boys discover that having Autism doesn’t have to be bad at all. The reader will stimulate and expand their inner imaginations, stretch their attention span, and learn to empathize with the problems of others while connecting with their own feelings and emotions

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